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All products are made in USA. Bulk quantity and other MW PEG derivatives available. Call for details! 1-888-908-8803.

Vitamin PEG Derivatives

Nanocs has developed a series of vitamin PEG derivatives. These derivatives include Folic acid PEG, vitamin E and vitamin D PEG conjugates. Vitamin PEG derivatives have unique chemical and biological properties and can be used for many biomedical applications.
Folic Acid PEG Derivatives (Vitamin B9 PEG)
Cat. No. Product Price/USD
mPEG Folic acid, mPEG-FA
PG1-FA-5k mPEG-FA, Methoxyl PEG Folic acid, MW 5000, 50 mg $385
PG1-FA-2k mPEG-FA, Methoxyl PEG Folic acid, MW 2000, 50 mg $385
X-PEG Folic acid, X=-NHS, Maleimide, Biotin, NH2, COOH, FITC
PG2-FANS-3k Folic Acid PEG NHS, FA-PEG-NHS, MW 3400, 25 mg $345
PG2-FAML-3k Folic Acid PEG Maleimide, FA-PEG-Mal, MW 3400, 10 mg $345
PG2-BNFA-3k Folic Acid PEG Biotin, FA-PEG-Biotin, MW 3400, 10 mg $385
PG2-AMFA-3k Folic Acid PEG Amine, FA-PEG-NH2, MW 3400, 25 mg $345
PG2-ACFA-3k Folic Acid PEG acid, FA-PEG-COOH, MW 3400, 25 mg $345
PG2-FAFC-3k Folic Acid PEG Fluorescein, FA-PEG-FITC, MW 3400, 5 mg $425
PG2-DSFA-3k Folic acid PEG DSPE, FA-PEG-DSPE, MW 3400, 25 mg $425
Call or email for other Folic acid PEG derivatives, from MW 120~40,000 Da
Vitamin E PEG Derivatives
X-PEG-Vitamine E, X=-OCH3, -NHS, -Maleimide, -NH2, -COOH, Biotin, etc.
Cat. No. Product Price/USD
25 mg 100 mg
Methoxyl PEG Vitamine E, mPEG-VE
PG1-VE-5k mPEG-VTE, Vitamine E PEG,  MW 5000 $285 $840
PG1-VE-2k mPEG-VTE, Vitamine E PEG,  MW 2000 $325 $975
X-PEG-Vitamine E, X=-NHS, -Maleimide, -Biotin, -NH2, -COOH, FITC, DSPE, OPSS
PG2-NSVE-3k VE-PEG-NHS, Vitamine E PEG NHS, MW 3400 $425  
PG2-MLVE-3k VE-PEG-Mal, Vitamine E PEG Maleimide, MW 3400 $425  
PG2-BNVE-3k VE-PEG-Biotin, Vitamine E PEG Biotin, MW 3400 $485  
PG2-DSVE-3k VE-PEG-DSPE, Vitamine E PEG DSPE, MW 3400 $485  
PG2-FCVE-3k VE-PEG-FITC, Vitamine E PEG Fluorescein, MW 3400 $485  
PG2-AMVE-3k VE-PEG-NH2, Vitamine E PEG Amine, MW 3400 $425  
PG2-CAVE-3k VE-PEG-COOH, Vitamine E PEG Acid, MW 3400 $425  
PG2-OSVE-3k VE-PEG-OPSS, Vitamine E PEG OPSS, MW 3400 $425  
Call or email for other Vitame E PEG derivatives,, 1-888-908-8803
Vitamin D PEG Derivatives
X-PEG-Vitamin D, X=-OH, -NH2, -COOH, -Biotin, -NHS, -Maleimide, -SH, -OPSS, -Silane, -DSPE, -FITC
Cat. No. Product Price/USD
25 mg
Methoxyl PEG Vitamin D Derivatives
PG1-VD-5k mPEG-VD, Vitamin D PEG, MW 5000 $285
PG1-VD-2k mPEG-VD, Vitamin D PEG, MW 2000 $325
  Vitamin D PEG-X 10 mg
PG2-NSVD-3k VD-PEG-NHS, Vitamin D PEG NHS, MW 3400 $425
PG2-MLVD-3k VD-PEG-Mal, Vitamin D PEG Maleimide, MW 3400 $425
PG2-BNVD-3k VD-PEG-Biotin, Vitamin D PEG Biotin, MW 3400 $485
PG2-DSVD-3k VD-PEG-DSPE, Vitamin D PEG DSPE, MW 3400 $485
PG2-FCVD-3k VD-PEG-FITC, Vitamin D PEG Fluorescein, MW 3400 $485
PG2-AMVD-3k VD-PEG-NH2, Vitamin D PEG Amine, MW 3400 $425
PG2-ACVD-3k VD-PEG-COOH, Vitamin D PEG Acid, MW 3400 $425
PG2-OSVD-3k VD-PEG-OPSS, Vitamin D PEG OPSS, MW 3400 $485
Call or email for other Vitamin D PEG derivatives,, 1-888-908-8803

Other Functional PEG Derivatives

PEG Succinimidyl Ester, MW 1000,2000,5000,10000, 20000, 30000, 40000
PEG Maleimide, MW 1000, 2000, 5000,10000, 20000, 30000, 40000
Lipid PEG, PEG DSPE, PEG Cholesterol, PEG Oleioic acid, MW 1000, 2000, 5000,10000, 20000
Vitamin PEG, Folic acid PEG, Vitame E PEG, Vitame D PEG, MW 1000, 2000, 5000,10000, 20000
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